ZV cutouts is a fast growing collections of cutout people destined to help you efficiently complete your visualization efforts on time.


ZV Cutouts is an extension of Zapir Visualizations, a real state marketing agency that provides visualization services to architectural firms in the US and across the globe.


The ZV Cutouts project started in 2018 as a result of a simple observation: The need for high quality crisp photos of cutout people has increased in the visualization world where time is essential when creating renderings within extremely tight deadlines. This new mismatch is the primary reason for creating a resource for architects, freelancer and 3D renderer to easily find and download cutouts in various perspectives to finish projects on time.


The ZV Cutouts project is on a mission to help you represent your artistic ideas with a combination of resources for your use: excellent high quality cutout images at a great price to take your projects to the next level.